Mental health center for children and adolescents in Southern Estonia

„Mental health center for children and adolescents in Southern Estonia“ is a project carried out by the children’s department of the psychiatry clinic of the Tartu University Hospital, the aim of which is to provide more effective and accessible child psychiatric care through the South Estonian Children and Adolescent Mental Health Center, which will be created as part of the project.

The project is financed by the Norwegian grant program “Public Health”, Ministry of Social Affairs and SA Tartu University Hospital.

The activities planned to achieve the project’s goal are primarily based on European and Nordic experience in the field of mental health of children and adolescents. The assistance must be coordinated, meet the needs of the family and be close to the place of residence. Simultaneous work with the child as well as the family and the network are important. Firstly, important factors are early detection, prevention and continuous education and outreach to primary health care providers, parents and all other persons working with children. A functioning psychiatric treatment team requires continuous staff training and regular supervision.

Project activities: opening of mental health offices for children and adolescents at the hospitals of South Estonia, Põlva and Valga, construction of a 12-bed adolescent inpatient ward block in the psychiatry clinic of Tartu University Hospital, staff training, promotion of inter-disciplinary networking, planning, and carrying out preventive activities, introducing the work of mental health centers to the public and conducting research for more efficient planning of future work.

Partners: South Estonian Hospital, Põlva Hospital, Valga Hospital, Tartu Health Care College, Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation, Tartu Child Support Centre.

Project manager: Aneth Tuurmaa, aneth.tuurmaa@kliinikum.ee

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