Home Visits by Midwives During the First Years of Life

Project Promoter: Foundation Centre for A Child’s Wellbeing

Project partners: Estonian Association of Midwives, Tartu University Hospital, Tallinn University, Tartu Health Care College, National Institute for Health Development; Viljandi and Rakvere city governments as well as Põltsamaa and Türi municipalities.

Project duration: 01.09.2021–31.08.2023

Total maximum eligible project cost:  € 222 222,22; project grant rate: 90%

The aim of the project is to create a digital study material for care worker curriculum and for everyone who engage in the work of a caregiver. During the project the textbook „Hoolides ja hoolitsedes“ will be renewed and improved with the videos and self control questions. Using the digital educational material will be flexible, interactive and engaging to use for the students.

The project activities will result in: 

  • two assessment tools have been used for risk assessment, which can be used to screen for family risk factors before and/or following the birth of a child;
  • a preparatory training plan and instructional materials for repeated home visits by the midwife have been created;
  • at least 40 midwives have received training and skills for repeated home visits;
  • the journey of support for a family at risk, its expected impact and applicability in Estonia are described;
  • the well-being of at least 40 families has been improved through home visits by a midwife following childbirth;
  • an impact assessment has been prepared and proposals have been made for the further implementation and financing of the intervention;
  • at least 250 specialists from across Estonia have been notified of the new service and the principles of its implementation.

Project manager: Ms Tiina Tõemets, +372 53 309 105, tiina@lapseheaolu.ee

Project webpage