Erasmus+ Study Migration of Vocational Students and Employees (Germany and Portugal)

Project number: 2018-1-EE01-KA102-046940

The project is supported by the Erasmus+ program in the amount of 29,720 euros and the support is mediated by SA Archimedes.

Project partners: Johanniter Akademie Bildungsinstitut Mitteldeutschland (Germany), Escola Técnica e Profissional do Ribatejo SA (Portugal).

Project duration: 03.09.2018 – 02.09.2020

Project activities:

  1. Organization of foreign practice for students of the emergency medical technician (4 students) and childminder (4 students) curriculum.
  2. Development of the competences of the employees of the Vocational Education Department.

The objectives of the project:

  • Developing international cooperation skills and foreign language skills.
  • Studying destination country’s culture, healthcare system and care arrangements.
  • Achieving students learning outcomes of the practice module of the curriculum.
  • Improving self-management skills in planning study and work life.
  • Developing methods of teaching and guiding of the employees.
  • Increasing the international dimension of vocational education in the field of healthcare and social services.

The outcomes of the project:

  • The participants’ motivation and job satisfaction have increased.
  • Opportunities on the career market have expanded.
  • Foreign language skills and the ability to understand other cultures and to integrate relevant information and activities into studies and community service have improved.
  • The international dimension of vocational education in the field of healthcare and social services has expanded.
  • The internship bases where our students perform internships have been evaluated.
  • Further opportunities for study migration and development cooperation have been clarified.

Contact person of the project: Airin Treiman-Kiveste