Additional language learning in vocational and higher education (PRÕM)

Duration of the project: 15.08.2018 – 31.03.2019

Every academic year, Tartu Health Care College is attended by newly graduated high school graduates who come from Russian-speaking high schools and whose level of Estonian language is not comparable to students from Estonian-speaking high schools. There are also students who have graduated from an Estonian-language high school, but whose home language is Russian, and therefore they would also need additional learning of the Estonian language. Since teaching in higher education curricula is conducted in Estonian, it is necessary that to successfully complete specialized subjects and internships, they can receive additional Estonian language training, which would help them to pass the educational process better and later to cope better in the labor market.

Every academic year, Tartu Health College is attended by newly graduated high school graduates who come from Estonian-speaking high schools, but their level of Russian language skills is very different and often insufficient. They have learned Russian, but they often lack sufficient courage to communicate in this language, including a lack of professional vocabulary. These students would need additional Russian language learning. Additional Russian language learning would help them to go through the learning process better, as it is necessary for the study internships, which make up a large part of the higher education curriculum. Better Russian language skills are also needed to cope in the labor market, as Russian is the mother language of the supervisors of many practice bases and of the patients.

Support of the project is mediated by Innove.

Contact person: Eve Müür