Virtual Reality Workshops for Adolescents

Duration of the project: 14.02.2019-31.08.2020

Starting in 2019, the employees of the Tartu Health Care College, on the order of the Estonian Youth Work Centre, will carry out virtual reality workshops introducing the professions of nurses and bioanalysts across Estonia. Virtual reality has gained more and more popularity in recent years, which allows you to stay inside a specific environment or activity and get an immediate experience using a special head unit.

The purpose of the workshops is to connect education and working life, increasing young people’s contact with working life, increasing competitiveness and providing guidelines for making a more informed career choice. In the workshops, it is possible to experience the work of a nurse and bioanalyst through virtual reality glasses, learn life-saving first aid techniques under the guidance of experts in their field, and practice correct laboratory techniques.

The workshops are financed within the framework of the activities approved by the Minister of Education and Research and described in the ESF co-financed program “Involving youth at risk of eviction and improving the employment readiness of youth” implemented by the Estonian Youth Employment Center.

Tartu Health Care College´s cooperation agreement with the Estonian Youth Work Center lasts until the end of 2020.

Contact person: Gerit Dreyersdorff,