Completed Projects

International projects

Take Care International

The aim of the project is to adapt and take into use a game for the smart device that is based on serious game conception and enables to simulate the treatment of patients with dementia.

The eMedication Passport – cultural adaptation of learning tool for ensuring the development of medication competence of graduate nurses (eMed-PASS)

The aim of this project is to modify, implement, and evaluate the feasibility of electronic Medication Passport for ensuring the medication competence and adequate working life skills of the graduating nurses.

VET Mobility

Vocational Education and Training Student and Staff Mobility project aims to create opportunities for vocational learners and tutors from the development of the college’s development goals.

Welfare Technology (WEL-TECH)

The aim of the Wel-Tech project is to map and describe good practices of teaching welfare technology in each partner country/ VET organization and then combine, create and test/pilot new learning units.

Leadership Development Programme (LOTUS)

The aim of the project is to contribute to capacity building and strategic change management for learning and teaching at higher education institutions across Europe. The project also aims to discuss and demonstrate the potential of various actors (ministries, university associations, student and staff unions, etc.) to support transformation and innovation in learning and teaching.

Clinical Key for Electrical Stimulation in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation/CK4Stim

The aim of the project is to develop a study material about electrostimulation (in English and in each participants language). The study material will be available for free as a printed version on virtual course for all physical therapists