For Exchange Students

The college has more than 80 partners under the Erasmus+ programme all over Europe. Although we do not have any study programmes in English, we can offer contemporary practical training possibilities in more than 300 practice sites in different towns of Estonia. 

Tartu Health Care College has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027.
The Erasmus Policy Statement can be found here.

Training in THCC

We are happy to see more and more exchange students spending 2 or more months in our practice bases. According to the feedback we have received, foreign students value highly the quality of the practice period spent here. Usually practice day will last 6 hours, but different agreements with hospital supervisors are also allowed. Although Tartu Health Care College is situated in Tartu, it does not automatically mean that all your practices will be carried out in Tartu, because we have more than 300 practice bases in all over the country.
We do hope it’ll be an excellent experience and eye-opener for you, if you decide to come in Estonia!

Learning in THCC

Tartu Health Care College offers 3 short-courses in English:

  1. Panoramic imaging quality assurance. 3,0 ECTS
  2. Parasitological situation in Estonia. 1,0 ECTS
  3. Epidemiology and treatment of cancer in Estonia. 0,5 ECTS

Exchange students learning or training in Tartu Health Care College must also follow the study regulations of THCC.

Erasmus Student Network Tartu

ESN Tartu is the oldest of five ESN sections in Estonia. It was founded in 2000 and is an officially registered NGO.

They are working to make the lives of international students studying in Tartu more interesting and making them feel more at home. ESN Tartu organizes a few events a week for them ranging from trips to parties to movie evenings to game nights to theater visits.

ESN Tartu  works together with the universities in Tartu: University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu Art College, Tartu Health Care College and Estonian Aviation Academy to make their students’ lives in Tartu more exciting and fun.

Registration Procedures for Exchange Students

The application documents include: an application form, a learning or training agreement, transcript of records. You also need to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B and make MRSA test and send a general medical form with the application documents. Please make sure that you have presumed health insurance before arriving in Estonia.

The deadline for applications for Erasmus students is 15th May for the autumn term (September-December) and 15th October for the spring term (January-June).

Applications should first be sent electronically to our International Relations Specialist
Mrs Krista Staškevitš,