Practical Training Opportunities 

A large part of the study programmes consists of practical training, where students and vocational pupils are able to practise their professional skills in a real working environment. 

Wherever possible, practical training will follow the principle that students gain different knowledge, skills and experience in different training locations under different supervisors. 

As a student at Tartu Health Care College, the College will take you on practical training each academic year, which will take place in different hospitals and healthcare institutions all over Estonia. You must be prepared to undertake practical training outside your preferred location. 

Practical training can last up to three months in a row. The College will arrange placements for all students. Travel and accommodation costs related to the placement are paid by the student. You will be supported by the College supervisor and a practical training centre supervisor. The College has over 300 training places. 

Practical training experience is very important as it allows students to consolidate their professional knowledge in a practical work situation and make contacts for the future, making it easier for them to find a professional job after graduation.