Environmental Health Specialist

The aim of the curriculum is to prepare environmental health specialists who will perform successfully in the divisions of the Health Board and in other fields of supervision of health factors and health promotion. The environmental health specialist is a professional who advocates a healthy living environment and daily well-being, monitoring the fulfilment of health protection requirements and, if needed, gives advice or applies legal sanctions.

The graduates of the environmental health curriculum are competent to practise in health protection facilities and also in the following fields: environmental health, occupational health and food safety.

Workload of programme: 180 ECTS​​​​​​​
Standard period of study: 3 years​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Language of instruction: Estonian

The curriculum consists of fifteen basic modules:

  • professional and personal development
  • human study
  • legal regulation of supervision proceedings
  • pathology and study of diseases
  • chemical and physical risk factors
  • biological risk factors
  • psychosocial and physiological risk factors
  • infection diseases and epidemiology
  • occupational health
  • outdoor environment pollution
  • water
  • food safety
  • children’s and social welfare institutions
  • safety of services and products
  • public health
Kristi VahurKristi Vahur

Kristi Vahur

Head of the Physiotherapy and Environmental Health Department

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