We work for creating conditions for the best health care education and promote health awareness in the society. THCC is a nationally and internationally valued higher education institution and a competence centre in the field of health and welfare.  

The college is governed by four care values in its performance:

PROFESSIONALISM: We value quality, evidence-base, expertise, transparency, academic freedom and collaboration.   

DEVELOPMENT ORIENTEDNESS: We are learning-centred, smart, considering social needs, relevant and innovative.

HUMAN CENTREDNESS: We value ethical principles, integrity, equality, empathy, individual approach and involvement.

HEALTH AWARENESS: We support health, value healthy lifestyles and promote health awareness.

For projects development we follow our Development plan 2021-2025 strategic objectives in five areas:

  • E1. High-quality implementation of the curricula as well as competent graduates who are valued in the labour market. The college considers it essential that all the curricula at the levels of professional education, Master’s studies and vocational education are based on current specialised knowledge, continuously and systematically revised based on evidence, taking into account the needs of the labour market, international development trends in the specialist fields and changes in the society.    
  • E2. Research and development support evidence-based learning and teaching, as well as promote health awareness in the society. High-quality research and development ensure evidence-based promotion of continuous health and social care education at the college. Curriculum development based on collaboration across the curricula, as well as the improvement of health-related knowledge, skills and attitudes in the community serve as the priority in the identification of research and development topics.
    • E2.1 Research and development capacity is growing
    • E2.2 Research and development is contributing to health awareness promotion in the society
  • E3. The system of services supporting the sustainable development of the field and the organisation is in operation. Services are supporting a varied practical training, resulting in education that meets the needs of the society and in high-quality preparation for the competition in the labour market. Functioning community education supports the relationships between the college and the community (the society as a whole), contributing to the health awareness promotion of the population.  
  • E4. Internationalisation is supporting the quality of health care education and the recognition of the college. Internationalisation facilitates the improvement of knowledge and skills at the college, enabling us to provide contemporary curricula and assure their quality.  The staff as well as the (international) students have an environment that favours the improvement of knowledge and mastery of skills. Increasing number of international partners and networks is evidencing the high-quality of the college as the competence centre, more and more potential student candidates are willing to acquire knowledge and skills provided by the college which, in turn, contributes to the increasing international recognition and attractiveness of the college.
  • E5. THCC functions openly and effectively. We develop continuously an open organisation culture and environment based on the core values of the college in order to support learning, meet the needs of the learner and facilitate the employees’ commitment to their professional performance. We follow the principle of equal treatment and value that every person takes responsibility for their tasks.Tartu Health Care College has diverse project work experiences in local and international level.
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