The aim of the curriculum is to provide the first level of higher education for radiographers.

Radiography is one of the fastest developing fields in modern heath care. Our graduates are able to successfully operate in various types of health care institutions, applying radiographic modalities and radiotherapy and nuclear medicine methods in order to diagnose and treat diseases. The radiographer works in the interprofessional health care team.

Workload of programme: 210 ECTS
Standard period of study: 3.5 years​​​​​​​
Language of instruction: Estonian

The curriculum consists of eight basic modules:

  • approach to the human being
  • patient care
  • study of diseases
  • radiation biology and radiation protection
  • radiographic modalities
  • radiographic modalities to diagnose pathologies of the organ systems
  • radiotherapy
  • professional and personal development
Triin AasmäeTriin Aasmäe

Triin Aasmäe

Head of the Radiography and Biomedical Laboratory Science Department

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