Ongoing Projects

International projects

The Development of Occupational Well-being

The aim of this project is to describe and evaluate health care teachers’ occupational well-being, develop the occupational well-being by community based developmental intervention​ and assess the impact of developmental intervention on health care teachers’ occupational well-being in health care colleges.

Ebreast II „Interprofessional co-operation in breast cancer therapeutic phase”

Objective 1. To review and create evidence based knowledge about interprofessional breast cancer care and treatments.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Objective 2. Improving the quality of breast cancer care and therapies and health care staff education related to it.
Objective 3. Testing and implementing the e-learning package at the European level. 

Developing Gerontological Nursing Education in China Through Multidisciplinary Innovations (GENEDU)

The aim of the project is to renew the nursing curriculum in higher educational institutes in China. The amount of 30 ECT gerontological nursing modules will be developed and integrated to the curriculum of higher educational institutes of China.


The aim of the Dora Plus programme was to improve Estonia’s visibility and attractiveness as a destination for studying and research as well as to increase the international competitiveness of Estonian higher education.

Online Professional Education for Physiotherapists and Other Healthcare Professionals on Domestic Violence

The aim of the project is to create learning tool to identify and help victims of domestic violence. Standalone study course and online learning module will be developed. Another aim is to improve and unify the education of physical therapists on the topic in the European Union countries.

Advanced Nursing Practice Education Network of the Nordic and Baltic Countries

The aim of the Network is to develop and implement further education module for educators involved with the NP programs and to support international master level studies activities of students and lecturers. During the project a new digital toolkit (“APN-Educators toolkit”) will be established.


The purpose and focus of the project is to improve and create innovation in medication education in undergraduate nursing programs. The goal is to increase patient and medication safety by developing the educational preparation for the students to become nurses.

Empowering Puppetry

The aim of the network is to educate very flexible and open minded specialists who will be involved in therapeutic puppetry development and use.

National projects

Caring and Taking Care

The aim of the project is to create and digitalize the study material for the care worker curriculum students and for all who are involved with care work. The digitalized free study material provides the knowledge and skills necessary for caregiving and promotes the importance of the speciality in general.

Home Visits by Midwives During the First Years of Life

Project objective is to create an action model for assessing and mitigating risks affecting the well-being of pregnant women and families with a child with repeated postpartum home visits carried out by a midwife in cooperation with local governments and health care institutions in different regions across Estonia.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Help Save the Lives

The main objective of the project is to increase the knowledge and practical skills (of AED use and first aid) of adults who live in rural areas of Estonia and Czechia. These objectives increase inclusion as they tackle the survival of the people with health problems, they decrease the training system barriers and geographical barriers as the workshops improve the knowledge of people living in rural areas where AED training is not provided.