Master`s Programme In Radiography

Admission to the programme will be March-August 2024.

Form of study: Full-time study
Workload of programme: 120 ECTS
Standard period of study: 2 years
Language of instruction: English
Conditions for commencing studies: Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in Radiography
The applicants are ranked based on the following two criteria: 

  • the average result of the applicant’s Bachelor studies (40 %)
  • admission interview (60 %)

The programme consists of the following modules:

  • Master’s thesis (30 ECTS)
  • Specialist subjects in Radiotherapy (30 ECTS) 
  • Internship in Radiotheray (30 ECTS)
  • Basic subjects (30 ECTS, incl. elective subjects 6 ECTS)

Title of academic degree awarded on graduation: Master’s Degree in Radiography (Radiotherapy)

Tuition fee: 3300 EUR per academic year

General structure of the programme

Semester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IV
Module of basic subjects 30 ECTSDevelopment of radiotherapy and the radiographer profession in international cooperation 4.0 ECTS
Electives 6.0 ECTS
Management (6 ECTS)Pedagogy 6.0  ECTS
Pedagogical practice 8.0 ECTS
Module of Master’s thesis 30 ECTSMaster’s thesis I
Master’s thesis II
Master’s thesis III
Master’s thesis IV
Module of  specialist subjects in Radiotherapy 30 ECTSIntroduction to cancer and cancer management 5.0 ECTS
Radiotherapy physics and radiobiology 5.0 ECTS
Radiotherapy and the principles and practice of pre-treatment procedures 5.0 ECTS
Introduction to radiotherapy treatment planning 5.0 ECTS
Principles and practice of radiotherapy delivery and patient care  10.0 ECTS
Module of internship in Radiotherapy 30 ECTSInternship I 10 ECTSInternship II 16 ECTSInternship III 4 ECT
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