Submission and Editing of the Manuscripts

The article manuscript (.docx) and the covering letter (.pdf) are submitted by the first author via email to the Editor of the Journal Jaan Looga ( at the latest by December the 31st of each odd-numbered year (e.g., 2023, 2025 etc.). First author does not have to be in charge of the manuscript publication. The first author must ensure that all co-authors who have contributed to the manuscript, have been included in the list of authors, are familiar with and have approved the submitted version of the manuscript.

The process of editing the manuscripts

  • Manuscripts are subject to blinded peer review performed by two experts (reviewers) in the selection of whom the recommendations by the manuscript authors can be considered by the Editor. The review form (Annex 3) serves as a basis for making decisions by the editing board. Preliminary feedback is forwarded by the Editor of the Journal to the first author within three months the latest. The decision of the Editor and anonymised expert evaluations are sent to the first author.
  • After the provision of evaluation, the author(s) of the article review the manuscript following the reviewer comments and return to the Editor the manuscript, the format of which has been modified/corrected using TrackChange and it is accompanied by a detailed reply letter based on the reviewer feedback. The author(s) have maximum three weeks for making modifications/corrections. If needed, the second peer review may be performed, i.e., the reviewers evaluate and give feedback on the manuscript for the second time and the author(s) make modifications/corrections again.
  • After the authors have revised the manuscript according to the reviewer comments, the editorial board makes the final decision on the publication of the manuscript. All manuscripts to be published are checked for plagiarism.

Submission check-list for first authors: 

  1. Have an overview of the topics focussed on in the Journal Healthy body, healthy mind full of knowledge and decide whether your manuscript is appropriate for this journal. 
  2. Format the manuscript and the covering letter according to the templates provided by the Journal (Annex 1 and Annex 2, respectively). 
  3. Format the manuscript (incl. tables, figures and the references) and the covering letter according to the formatting guidelines.  
  4. Ensure that the contribution of all authors is marked and all the authors named in the manuscript have approved the content of the manuscript (The covering letter to the Editor, Annex 2). 
  5. Sign the covering letter to the Editor before submitting it to the editorial board.