Competence Centre and Services to the Community

Tartu Health Care College encourages students to serve the community in different fields through their practical training. The aim is to support students professional development and in the same time to serve community to increase awareness in different health care fields. Our vision is to be qualitative experience-based learning centre for students, life-long learning centre for working specialists and evidence-based opinion leader and know-how centre for community.

Target groups are:

  • Community
  • Students
  • Co-partners (schools, kindergartens)
  • Specialists
  • Lecturers/office staff

We are providing services as follows:

  • different massage sessions;
  • services for pregnant women, expectant families and families with newborn;
  • therapeutic exercise sessions for different interest group (geriatric, children, gravid, neurological problems);
  • health promotion projects: hand-wash, teeth-wash courses;
  • the measurements of the health indicator;
  • first aid (incl resuscitation training) courses;
  • risk analysis services for enterprises;
  • sessions for families who take care of person with dementia;
  • professional trainings in different fields;
  • applied research.

Structure of competence centre:

We have very good cooperation with the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB), schools and kindergartens all over the Estonia and institutions like clinics and the Health Board. For PBGB we have organised health seminars in their work place, analysed their psychological health aspects in the context of applied research and provided them community service in our College. For example in 2017/2018 we provided massage service for the community 420 times.

„We are very grateful for the opportunity to work together with Competence Centre in Tartu Health Care College. They have provided us massage, physiotherapy service and mental health counselling. We are looking forward to continue our fruitful cooperation in the future!“ (Helen Perli, PBGB working environment specialist).

Silva-Sille Silgu

Service and Cooperation Coordinator

+372 737
Kersti SõgelKersti Sõgel

Kersti Sõgel

Development Manager

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