National Cooperation

In Estonia, on a national level, Tartu Health Care College is active in various areas, such as:

1.    Continuous development of the health care field – the College is constantly in touch with our industry partners and speciality organisations, in order to make sure that the curriculum and skill training are in align with the current needs of the industry. Some of our key partners are Ministy of Social Affairs, Health Board and  National Institute for Health Development.

2.    Practical training of future health care professionals – the College has over 300 contracts with health care service providers all over Estonia. Through the high amount of practical training the students will achieve necessary skills in their field and will be prepared for their future career.

3.    Cooperation with high schools – the College is offering health care related courses to high schools all over the nation, this helps us to increase the health related knowledge of young people in an early age and promote career opportunities in health care.

4.    Promotion of health awareness – the College Competence Centre is organising many health events all year round, in order to increase the health awareness of the community.

Tartu Health Care College has been recognized as a significant health promoter by following institutions:

  • Ministry of Social Affairs –  recognition for excellent cooperation in year 2015.
  • Tartu City – year 2015 promoter of health-conscious attitude and behaviour in community.
  • Estonian Hospitals Association – acknowledgement for the significant contribution in the development of the Estonian health care system and public health.
  • Ministry of Defence – promoter of national defence and the organiser of a national defence programme for health care professionals
  • Estonian Nurses Association – for the cooperation in the promotion of evidence-based nursing for the sake of public health.
  • Ministry of Education and Research – the greatest accomplishment in 2021 in education