Networks and Unions

Tartu Health Care College is a full member in different international organisations: 

  • European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education ENPHE, which aim is to bring together and enhance collaboration between European Institutes and physiotherapy educational institutions.
  • Nordman Network, which aim is to promote exchange of experiences and ideas within subject areas of Nursing and Health Care. The network consists of nine Nordic and Baltic higher education institutions.
  • Network platform for Biomedical Laboratory Science Education BIOnord, which aim is to provide a forum for and promote collaboration, competence and quality in the education in biomedical laboratory science in the Nordic and Baltic Countries as well as international activities of students and teachers.
  • The European Network of Nursing in Higher Education ENNE, which aim is to support quality improving innovations in nursing education and broaden students’ horizons to the European workfield according to the EU/2013/55 directive, regardless of regional differences. Sharing expertise and offering joint projects are key strategies.
  • Nordic Collaboration Network for Nursing MEDICO – a Nordplus Higher Education Network. The network enables educators from Nordic and Baltic countries to join new forums to share their experiences of teaching and learning in the area of medication management and pharmacology as well as to develop new methods and tools for teaching.
  • An international and multidimensional problem (RANCARE)
  • Advanced Practice Nursing Nordic Baltic Nordplus
  • Nordejordemodern/Midwife of the North – Nordic Network for Midwifery Education
  • COST Network – Ethics in Dementia (EDEM)
  • COST Network – Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe (TraFaDy)

Tartu Health Care College belongs into following unions:

  • European Federation of Radiographer Societies/Educational Wing EFRS/EWaims to promote and develop all levels of radiography education and research across Europe.
  • European association for Professionals in Biomedical Science EPBS
  • International Federation of Environmental Health IFEH 
  • European Federation of Environmental Health EFEH
  • European Association of Institutions in Higher Education EURASHE