7. June 2024

The most reputable applied higher education institutions in Estonia are Tartu Health Care College and the Estonian Aviation Academy



A survey conducted by Kantar Emor among Estonian residents aged 15-60 revealed that the most reputable applied higher education institutions in Estonia are the Estonian Aviation Academy and Tartu Health Care College, ranking third-fourth among all Estonian universities, following the University of Tartu and TalTech.

Respondents value the high-level education provided by both the Estonian Aviation Academy and Tartu Health Care College for offering a practical and secure career path, a diploma that is highly regarded in the job market, reliability, and a good reputation in society. The Estonian Aviation Academy is also noted for its use of innovative and digital technologies in teaching, while Tartu Health Care College is appreciated for its good lifelong learning opportunities and the possibility to combine study and work.

“The Estonian Aviation Academy has consistently emphasized the importance of raising awareness about aviation and popularizing engineering. We are pleased to see that the academy is becoming increasingly known, and our reputation is highly valued across different population groups,” said Koit Kaskel, rector of the Estonian Aviation Academy. “It is clearly a great recognition for the institution when the practicality and high level of our education are highlighted,” he added.

“Certainly, the reputation of applied higher education and institutions is enhanced when we talk more about skilled based education and its growing need and role in Estonian society than we have so far,” said Ulla Preeden, rector of Tartu Health Care College and chairman of the Estonian Rectors’ Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences. “As a representative of the Health Care College, I am undoubtedly very pleased with this trust and recognition, as high-level, practical, and at the same time relatively specialized education can only be maintained with a very professional and strong team. Therefore, this recognition primarily goes to all members of the college community.”

The aim of the survey was to determine the reputation of Estonian applied higher education institutions and applied higher education among the population. In addition, the general reputation of applied higher education study fields among the population was mapped. 29% of Estonian residents aged 15-60 consider the reputation of applied higher education in Estonian society to be excellent or very good. Among the fields of study taught in applied higher education institutions, information and communication technologies (37%), technical and engineering fields (34%), and health and medicine (29%) are considered the most promising.

The survey, conducted online from April 16 to May 10, included 1,112 Estonian residents aged 15-60. This was the second time the applied higher education reputation survey was conducted, with the previous survey taking place in 2022.