Period: 01.09.2015 – 31.12.2017

The project is leaded by Keuda Group from Finland. Project partners are: Co-operative Digital Robot, OÜ Puhastusekspert, Tartu Health Care College and Järva County Vocational Training Centre.

The overall objective of the SAFHY project is to develop labour skills of cleaning service and health care services in Estonia and Finland. Key target is to promote learning and professional skills in these two sectors specially in the area of hygiene in vocational education and training. This helps to reduce hygiene risks and infections while increasing safer environments in health care and cleaning services. In addition it enables the mobility of workforce. In this project we align two curricula and create a cross-border digital learning material for vocational education and training, as well as for work places.

Main result of the project is to produce multilingual (Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian) digital learning material to meet the needs of vocational education and working life. In addition learning material is piloted in vocational education and training.

The goals and results of the SAFHY project

The project developed hygiene expertise in the field of nursing care and cleaning services in vocational education and training. The goal was met by comparing and aligning curricula and the skills requirements, and by unifying the teaching, learning material and the implementation of on-the-job training in Estonia and Finland. Digital teaching material was piloted during the project and VET students especially appreciated the wide video material developed during the project. Hygiene expertise increases the safety of both customers and employees in the workplace. Similar kind of education in vocational education and training increases opportunities for labor mobility between Finland and Estonia.

The project completed a wide, multilingual (Finnish, Estonian, Russian and English) digital teaching material for vocational education and training:

21 topics for nursing education
27 topics for cleaning services sector

learning tests on the topics
5900 photos of the work steps, the materials used, the tools, etc.
120 videos
professional vocabulary

For more information about the use of digital SAFHY material please contact or

The project was implemented by Keuda, Digital Robot Finland, OÜ Puhastusekspert, Järva County Vocational Training Center and Tartu Health Care College. The total funding for the project was EUR 1 184 999 of which ERDF funding was EUR 921 249,15.

For more information please contact with the Project Manager:
Tuija Laine
Keuda Group
Kirkkotie 31, 04310 Tuusula
+35850 415 0859

Contact person in Tartu Health Care College is Mr Danel Jantra


Project number: SAFHY CB79

Funded by European Regional Development Fund, ERDF via Central Baltic Programme