KuDi – Vocational Education More Digital!

Duration of the project: 13.01.2020 – 31.12.2021

Project number: 2014-2020.1.03.19-0220

The aim of the project: the goal of the project is to create digital educational software, the use of which is flexible, interactive and engaging, in order to take into account the changed approach to learning and increase the digital competence of learners and teachers. As a result of the project, two e-courses for the curriculum of care workers and digital learning materials for the curriculum of childminder will be prepared. The materials created during the project are available to everbody regardless of their location, and the educational software supports and promotes the learning of specialties needed in the working life.

The project is supported by the European Social Fund in the amount of 16,843.89 euros and the support is mediated by Innove.

Project coordinator: Jaan Looga,, 737 0210