Workshop: „Lets Teach Together“

Workshop: „Let`s Teach together!“

Moderator: Inga Ploomipuu (Tartu Health Care College)
Date: 6 May 2021 at 13:00-15:00  (EEST — Eastern European Summer Time)

In current times, as environmental health issues are more global than ever, international cooperation is more and more crucial, however, also the possibilities to connect internationally have been impaired more than ever. Therefore, there is the need to seek opportunities to have cooperation between academics and students of different countries. The apparent solution is teaching online, but how exactly can it be done in most effective way, how to get students to engage with one another, what topics should be the priorities and what are the possibilities to incorporate these online courses into our curricula – these are the topics that will be discussed in this workshop.
The topics to be discussed

  1. Exchange of ideas for teaching methods
  2. Discussing how to facilitate students’ engagement
  3. Exchange of the experiences of the programs and platforms to support the international courses
  4. Discussion of the most important topics to be relevant for students, international co-operation, and curricula
  5. Plans for action

The best outcome of the workshop would be that actual courses could be developed and incorporated into the curricula of environmental health.