9. October 2022

Visceral Manual Therapy: evaluation and techniques of visceral therapy



Course Name: Visceral Manual Therapy: evaluation and techniques of visceral therapy (8.-9. October 2022)

Course lenght in hours: 16 academical hours, auditory learning 3 hours and practical learning 13 hours.

Price: 350 euro

Target group and it’s description:
physiotherapists, students of final years of physiotherapy (optional). Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctor’s degree of physiotherapy.

Requirements for course studies:
All the participants should have knowledge from basic medicine subjects: anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics.
Skills: Palpation, examination of patient (inspection).

The structure and content of course plan:
Theory part: 
powerpoint presentation, practical demonstration, presentation of clinical cases, pair work (participants are trying techniques on each other), discussion.

In this part will be explained viscerosomatic connections and somatovisceral connections from neurophysiological and pathophysiological point of view; structural relationships between the visceral and musculoskeletal system; different diagnosis of visceral and somatic disorders – main characteristics.

Practical part
Practical part will  focus on assessment and therapy of internal organs:  position of organ, palpation, assessment of organ, dysfunction presentation, therapy techniques (mobilization), correction.

Learning outcomes

to understand neurophysiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of viscerosomatic connections and somatovisceral connections;
to examine viscerosomatic presentation on musculoskeletal system;
to examine different diagnosis of visceral and somatic disorders;
to learn practical assessment of viscera and application of techniques.

Course trainer, Mg. Lukaš Kasala, Master and Bachelor’s  degree in Physiotherapy, Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Certificate in Visceral manipulation according to Barral institute in Czech republic – Barral institute.

Requirements for completing the course. Assessment methods and criteria
After the course participant receives certificate of attendance that the participant has supplemented theoretical knowledge and acquired practical skills in the course “Visceral Manual Therapy: evaluation and techniques of visceral therapy.

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