Educational investment in health care – HiT!

Duration of the project: 01.09.2015 – 09.01.2022

The implementation of project activities is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (Institutional Development Program for Research and Development Institutions and Higher Education Institutions (ASTRA measure)).

Project aim: enhancing the competitiveness of the Tartu Health Care College and the ability to serve society, as a result of which the competitiveness of the THCC will increase and the joint international master’s study program in the field of radiology technician will be opened. In addition, the research capacity of teaching staff increases and services related to the fields of study are provided to the population. Systematic activities will take place in the newly created competence center.

The aim of the HiT! project is to enhance the competitiveness (including international) of the Tartu Health Care College and the ability to serve society in the areas of responsibility of the university and to consolidate development and learning resources to increase efficiency.

As a result of the project, the competitiveness of Tartu Health College’s teaching and research work and the ability to serve society have increased. To ensure the sustainability of learning quality, the curricula of THCC has common modules and subjects, and active learning methods are integrated into the learning activities. In order to ensure the quality of research work, an international master’s joint study program in the field of radiology technician has been opened in the growing field of smart specialization, and foreign lecturers with research experience have been involved.

The research capacity of the teaching staff has increased due to the applied research activities carried out in cooperation with companies, the laboratory base has been expanded, licenses for the use of scientific journals have been acquired, and the publication of a collection of research papers continues. Cooperation with partners has increased in order to prepare specialists who have completed master’s studies needed for the labor market for research-intensive companies in the field of healthcare. As a result of structural changes within the higher education institution, the efficiency of using human and financial resources in both teaching and development activities has improved.

Contact person: Jaan Looga,, 737 0210