Oral Presentation Requirements

• A 15 minute spoken presentation, including question and answer time (5 min).
• Presenter shows the research and findings of their accepted abstract in a PowerPoint presentation.
• PowerPoint presentation should be sent to organizers (conference(at)nooruse.ee) at latest 18 November 2019.
• In 10 minutes we prefer from 8-10 slides.
• The presenter is responsible for obtaining all of the conflict-of interest disclosure.
• The presentation will be evaluated by a Jury Committee.

Evaluation criteria for oral presentations (maximum score is 25 points):
• Content (clarity and quality of content) - 1-5 points
• Self-presentation (command of language, voice, energy, body language, engagement with audience) - 1-5 points 
• Visual aids (useful, economical, well-designed, support oral presentation) - 1-5 points
• Use of time - 1-5 points
•  Response to questions - 1-5 points

Scientific Committee – Jury Committee (for oral presentations):

  1. Saima Hinno (PhD) - Tartu Health Care College, Estonia
  2. Merle Varik (PhD student) - Tartu Health Care College, Estonia
  3. Jelena Sokk (PhD) - University of Tartu, Estonia
  4. Kerstin Plessl (PhD) - FH Campus Wien, Austria
  5. Ellen van Korven - Fontys University of Applied Science, Netherlands
  6. Robert Higgins (PhD) - University of Salford (School of Health and Society), United Kingdom
  7. Francoise Ineichen (MSc) - HESAV, Switzerland
  8. Steven Onkelinx (PhD) - Fontys University of Applied Science, Netherlands
  9. Jan Homma - Netherlands Food and Consumer products safety authority (NVWA)
  10. Eerik Jõgi (PhD student) - Tartu Health Care College, Estonia