Important National Cooperation Partners of the College

On a national level Tartu Health Care College collaborates with different partners in various ways, such as:

1. In the development of the health care field – professional and specialist associations (their representatives are involved in curriculum development belonging to Curriculum Boards, teaching staff members belong to the associations and working groups of professional standards) and working groups related to health care development (working groups regarding the family nurses' prescription right and the development of mental health nursing in children that were initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs; working group of national nutrition recommendations in the National Institute for Health Development etc.) that provide an essential input for updating the curriculum content and developing the curriculum.

2. In recruiting motivated students – gymnasiums (Tartu Tamme Gymnasium, Tartu Kristjan Jaak Peterson Gymnasium, Tartu Jaan Poska Gymnasium, Elva Gymnasium, Viljandi Gymnasium and Võru Gymnasium). The THCC offers gymnasium pupils elective subject courses on health care by developing informed and healthy pupil behaviour and informing the graduates about the higher education options in the field of health care.

3. In community service and science popularisation – the provision of community services was started by voluntary marketing activities. Science popularisation is performed in cooperation with the Science Centre AHHAA within the Researchers' Night (Teadlaste Öö) events. The THCC has joined the Portal of Knowledge (Teadusportaal) – an initiative aimed at the cooperation between university students and gymnasium pupils in the performance of creative and research studies, the higher education institutions provide with the best supervisors and conditions for research and the students gain good supervision experience and credit points for optional subject. In addition to the THCC this initiative has been joined by the Faculty of Science and Technology (UT), Doctoral Schools of the UT and the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the project "Back to School", the Estonian Research Council and the schools of general education in Tartu. The THCC as a health promoting workplace operates as a partner in the network for health promoting kindergartens and schools in the city and the county. On the basis of the new Development Plan these activities should be integrated with the study process so that each student might gain experience in serving the community.

4. In the development of study and research activities – other education institutions, research institutions, ministries, different organisations.

5. In the organisation of practical training and integration with practice – Over 300 contracts with the sites for practical training that provide all the students with training places; and facilitate cooperation with different partners in the curriculum boards and in applied research studies in order to jointly solve problems that occur in practice and develop curricula.

Recognitions and Awards

The contribution of the THCC as a health promoter is appreciated by the cooperation partners in the ministries, local governments and associations demonstrated by the following awards and recognitions. Most significant recognitions and awards:

Year 2015

To the promoter of health-conscious attitude and behaviour in community awarded by Tarty City; acknowledgement for the significant contribution in the development of the Estonian health care system and public health by the Estonian Hospitals Association; recognition for excellent cooperation awarded by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Year 2014

Recognition by the Ministry of Defence to the promoter of national defence and the organiser of a national defence programme for health care professionals; acknowledgement by the Health Board of Tartu County to the promoter of public health in the county; acknowledgement by the Estonian Nurses Association for the cooperation in the promotion of evidence-based nursing for the sake of public health.

Year 2013

Recognition by the Estonian Social Work Association to the organiser of training courses on social work; acknowledgement by the Estonian e-Learning Development Centre to the participant in the council work of e-vocational school.

Years 2011–2015

Determined activity of the THCC as a reliable partner in the development of health-conscious attitudes in the community demonstrated by the letters of appreciation awarded by the gymnasiums, the Estonian Youth Work Centre, Tartu City Youth Centres and the day centres for the elderly.