After re-assesment of the study programme in 2021 there is going to be 3 specializations of this programme

  • ultrasound

  • MRI

  • radiotherapy

Application period 

Start of application period: Summer 2022. 
Final application deadline for non-EU applicants: date will be added soon
Final application deadline for EU applicants: date will be added soon
Interviews: daet will be added soon

Please present the following documents for admission:


1. Bachelor degree - a copy of the diploma or the diploma supplement/academic transcript certifying the completion of radiography education  or radiography subjects in prior education at the first level of higher education
2. CV
3. Copy of passport or ID
4. Proof of English
5. Online interview

All submitted educational documents must be verified by Estonian ENIC/NARIC Centre, in order to ensure that the foreign qualification is recognised.

Admission interview

The admission interview is aimed to evaluate the applicant's readiness for learning, interest in the profession and awareness of radiography and radioteraphy.

The admission interview includes the following topics:
- motivation to study in the specialist field and at the master’s level
- prior studies and/or professional experience in the specialist field
- prior non-formal education and the implementation of acquired knowledge and skills
- self-expression in English

Maximum result for each topic is 5 points; the maximum total result of the admission interview is 20 points. The result of the admission interview forms 60% of the total admission score.

The admission interview lasts 20 minutes and it is conducted online.

Applicants are ranked based on the following two criteria:
1) average grade of Bachelor studies (40% of final points)
2) admission interview (maximum score for the interview is 20 points, which is 60% of final points)