We are glad to announce that we started the colleboration with the University of Applied Science Velika Gorica (UASVG, Croatia). 

University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica started to operate in 2003 with five professional three-year study programmes: Humanitarian demining, Pyrotechnology, Computer Systems Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Aircraft Maintenance. It was the first private university of applied sciences from the field of technical sciences in the Republic of Croatia. The founder of the UASVG is the City of Velika Gorica. The basic function of the studies is to implement the teaching activities of the approved programme and to encourage the development of all scientific-professional teaching disciplines that are represented or ought to be represented on the study, based on the science and the profession, and with the intent to approach the level of standards worldwide. University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica offers study programmes that are interesting to the young people from Europe, as well as from other parts of the world. From the very beginning the University of Applied Sciences has been developing mentorship approach based on the understanding and better relations between students and professors. High-quality acquisition of knowledge and skills in modern equipped premises, practical classes organised in cooperation with the industry, and a number of other possibilities for successful study are some of the advantages of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica. The UASVG programmes have been adjusted to actual labour market needs. UASVG is IFEH academic member from 2019.