Why to Study Master’s Programme in Radiography?

Master’s Programme in Radiography enables to provide highest-quality eduction for health care specialist: it is the only master level opportunity on the field of radiography in the Baltics. The graduates are awarded a Master’s Degree in Radiography. The programme is unique in the Baltics, creating conditions for the graduates of basic radiography education and training to obtain profound knowledge, advanced skills and professional conduct in the specialist area, as well as the competence of supervised research in order to be employed at different levels of the health care system as well as in education and research institutions.

In the 1st semester the study is organised as e-learning and video-conferencing, mostly on Thursdays and Fridays. Alltogether one third of the programme is conducted online. Afterwards it is possible to participate in preclinical workshops and do internships in Tartu, Estonia. Internships could be done also with our Erasmus+ partners: under the Erasmus+ programme the College has more then 70 partners all over Europe.

Studies are instructed in collaboration with University of Latvia, University of Tartu, North-Estonian Regional Hospital, Tartu University Hospital as well as with experts from several European countries (Finland, UK) and Canada.

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