Poster Presentation Requirements

  • Oral E-poster session is a 5 minute spoken presentation, including question and answer time (5 min).
  • Oral E-poster session will take place in the afternoon after the oral presentation session.
  • E-poster presentation (PowerPoint) should be sent to organizers (conference(at) at latest 11 November 2021.
  • All e-Posters will be shown on the screen by data projector, so there is no need to bring a paper poster.

Evaluation criteria for oral presentations and posters (maximum 25 points):

  • Importance / Originality (1-5 points)
  • Materials and methods (1-5 points)
  • Results / Conclusions (1-5 points)
  • Presentation (appropriate use of language and terminology, poster design, time limit) (1-5 points)
  • Answering the questions (1-5 points)

Scientific Committee – Jury Committee (for poster presentations):

  1. Saima Hinno (PhD) - Tartu Health Care College, Estonia
  2. Jelena Sokk (PhD) - University of Tartu, Estonia
  3. Katarina Sadovnik (MSc) - FT Campus Wien, Austria
  4. Francoise Ineichen (MSc) - HESAV, Switzerland