Conference „Healthy body, healthy mind full of knowledge"

Next conference will take place in November 2020.

Tartu Health Care College organized a science conference „Healthy body, healthy mind full of knowledge" with English translation on 22nd November 2018 in Dorpat Convention Centre.

International week guests dont have to registre, they are already registred automatically.

The topics covered in the conference are:

  • The impact of breastfeeding duration on the child’s mental health
  • Parental behaviour regarding vaccination in Estonia and the factors influencing this behaviour
  • Bone density and blood parameters among overweight boys
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration supporting children under replacement care
  • Psychosocial factors influencing the development of hypertension
  • (Mental) health of officers working in the field in the Police and Border Guard Board
  • Empowerment of informal caregivers of the elderly with dementia
  • Bottled water
  • Quality assurance of laboratory tests in primary medical care/nursing care
  • Biosensors for bacteria detection
  • Methodological guides for laboratory  and their involvement into laboratory quality system
  • Collimation precision and patient dose in conventional radiography
  • Radiography student perceptions of the use of simulation training in the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills
  • Student learning in the working environment
  • Specialized nurses’ and nurses’ evaluation of their competences and their implementation at work