Applied Research

Our interdisciplinary research groups and studies in health care involve resources from several institutions. For this purpose, we have developed relations with  higher educational institutions, medical and research institutions as well as health care companies and associations. It is possible to initiate and conduct various research projects on different topics. Research groups are ready to carry out research necessary for the study and resolution of practical issues facing commercial organisations.

Applied research is aimed at the development of professions and the study process on the basis of evidence-based research in national and international cooperation with various interest groups. Research enables the teaching staff to integrate evidence based research with daily practice and use research results in teaching. The students participating in research studies acquire research and collaboration experience. The research results are implemented in professional development and public health promotion, they are publicised and/or presented. The conduct of applied research supports internationalisation and professional development of the teaching staff that is necessary for the launch of Master's programmes.

Since 2009 research activities has been supported by the Board of Applied Research (RUN), involving the representatives of the curricula (mainly Assistant Professors), and being led by the Vice-Rector for Development. The research results are published in the Collections of Research Articles of THCC. Three fields of applied research have been approved across the curricula: the study process, health and evidence-based professional development that underpin the preparation of the operational programme.