Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency medical technician is a specialist who aims to provide assistance to a person injured in an accident and/or to a patient requiring emergency medical care. The technician will assess the patient's condition, the situation at the scene and the resources required. The technician will commence giving emergency medical care to the patient or the person injured in the accident. The Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate I, may independently perform primary and secondary examinations, give first aid, defibrillate using a fully-automated defibrillator, determine the blood glucose level, perform venous cannulation, and begin infusion and oxygen treatment, as well as ensuring the respiratory tract is clear. If and when more highly qualified medics are present at the scene, the technician will assist in diagnostic procedures. The technician has a general knowledge of the characteristics, pharmaceutical forms and administration methods of medicinal products used in emergency medicine. The technician can use medical equipment and devices applied in emergency medicine, as well as the methods of transporting and moving the injured. The profession requires a readiness to work in different unpredictable situations both in a team and independently, as well as working anti-social hours. The work of the emergency medical technician requires excellent communication skills, ability to take responsibility and cooperate, empathy, resilience and attention to detail. He or she must be mentally strong and physically fit.

The vocational study course lasts for 1 year (60 ECVET).