Client Worker for People with Mental Health Problems

Client worker for people with mental health problems is a specialist in the field of specialized welfare, supporting people with mental health problems in their activities of daily living, work and hobbies to ensure their maximum independence and quality of life.
The activity instructor is a member of a rehabilitation team working closely with the client's social and official networks, following the interests of the client. Continuous professional development and life-long learning form important part of the profession.

After graduation it is possible to apply for the profession of activity instructor at level 4.
Graduates of this specialty can work in health care and social welfare institutions that are specialized in providing social services for people with mental health problems. The main focus in the curriculum is on the principles of client activation and on the skills of planning/performing targeted activity, taking into consideration the feasibility of the activity and the effect on the client's overall coping abilities.

The training lasts for 1 year (60 ECVET) and is carried out in the working environment. 2/3 of the training takes place in the workplace and 1/3 in the college.