Tartu Health Care College mission and vision

Mission: to provide competitive, high quality, innovative, international, R&D-based lifelong learning in an inspiring environment.

Being a role model, we impact our community health behaviour and shape a healthy living environment, integrate a variety of healthcare fields in studies and research and development, and we participate in the process of making decisions regarding healthcare policies.

When learning and working in the College, we create an environment in which people acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes that help to make the community more cohesive and impact it and contribute to development of Estonia.

Vision: an acknowledged partner in developing a happy health-conscious knowledge society

Integration of learning and working environments, introduction of innovation, implementation of new concepts, and partnership in all College's areas of activity are the basis for developing a knowledge society. Integral development and awareness are important components of a happy life.

THCC`s core values:

Integrity – balanced relations between mental, physical and social well-being and environment, and an attitude to life that values health.
Development – development in open, free, creative and innovative learning and working environment, alternatives and responsibility.
Human-centeredness – honest, respectful, dignified, equal, trusting, and caring relationships with learners, colleagues and oneself.
Professionalism – cohesive knowledge, skills and attitudes, commitment to professional, occupational and specialist activity.