Tartu Health Care College combines health and ICT

Tartu Health Care College has joined the Connected Health Cluster. The aim of the Connected Health Cluster is to develop smart specialization areas by combining health and ICT. This union supports our goal to increase the teaching of ICT knowledge and incorporate contemporary e-health applications into the classroom and studies.

According to Richard Jalakas, the Development Specialist at Tartu Health Care College, there is a digital turning point in conservative healthcare. "The health services are being redesigned using a variety of technological options such as robots, sensors, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and different apps," said Jalakas. He added that technology is supporting more and more the work of a healthcare worker. This requires a healthcare professional to be able to critically analyse the pros and cons of technology and find the right solution for the particular case.

The Connected Health Cluster manager Piret Hirv is positive that Tartu Health Care College joining the Connected Health Cluster was an important step. "The College has an important role to play in developing digital services and creating an environment that supports the deployment of digital solutions," explained Hirv.

Tartu Health Care College has already been involved in an innovative program initiated by the Connected Health Cluster that focused on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The program resulted in the “Breath and Move” solution, which was designed to support the patient suffering from COPD. The prototype was developed jointly by the Tartu University Hospital’s Lung Clinic, the North-Estonian Regional Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Tartu Health Care College and technology companies MotionChart and Sentab.

Connected Health Cluster assembles health technology companies, hospitals, research institutions, professional as well as patient associations. The cluster is administered by the Science Park Tehnopol. The common goal of the healthcare community is to implement technological possibilities to provide even better health-related products and services. Joining the cluster allows Tartu Health Care College to develop the technological skills of the healthcare professionals and train qualified staff for the health technology companies