Institutional Accreditation

The members of the assessment committee of Institutional Accreditation are gathering to Estonia 14-18 October, Tartu Health Care College is going to meet the nine-member committee 15-17 October. 

According to Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education institutional accreditation is an external evaluation which assesses the conformity of the college’s management, work procedures, study and research activities and study and research environment to legislation and the goals and development plan of the college. This is feedback-based evaluation in which an international assessment committee analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the institution of higher education based on the self-assessment report of the institution and on information obtained during the assessment visit, providing recommendations for improvement and ways of implementing them. The goal of the process is to support the development of strategic management and quality culture in institutions of higher education.

Members of the assessment committee:

Joke Denekens

Emeritus Professor, College of Antwerp (Belgium)

Johanna Heikkilä

Senior Advisor at Jyväskylä College of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Lies van Gennip

CEO/Chair Nictiz, national center for eHealth and standards (The Netherlands)

Jonathan Loose

Research Associate, School of Advanced Studies, College of London; Institutional Reviewer, UK Quality Assurance Agency; and Research Director, Stewards Company, Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Barbara Schildberger

Head of Degree Programme in Midwifery; Diversity Manager, College of Applied Sciences for Health Professions in Upper Austria (Austria)

Stella Polikarpus

Lecturer in Crises Management Chair, Rescue College, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (Estonia)

Julia Lezik

Tartu branch Office manager and ambulance nurse in Tartu Ambulance Service (Estonia)

Andra Õismaa

Medicum Tervishoiuteenused Ltd., Nurse Manager, Training Manager (Estonia)

Rait Bessonov

Student (Faculty of Medicine), College of Tartu.

Assistant Physician, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of Tartu College Hospital, Nursing Department (Estonia)