An expert reassessment of the MSc Radiography Programme

On 14-15th of March an expert reassessment of the MSc Radiography Programme took place at the Tartu Health Care College.

Members of the expert panel pointed out in their preliminary findings that programme has several successful aspects, for example personalized teaching, flexibility of the teaching processes, support of the employers, national support, multiple lecturers with different backgrounds and different ways of teaching, the programme is in line with THCC`s mission and vision and adds valuable graduates to labor market and teaching staff.

Suggestions of improvement mostly pointed the field of research and program sustainability.

Preliminary report with findings of the expert assessment is given to THCC by 11 April at the latest. Final decision is expected by June.

Members of the expert panel are:

  • Graciano Paulo – Chair of the panel; Professor, President of Coimbra Health School of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (Portugal)
  • Shane Foley – Associate Professor, Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging, School of Medicine, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • Genny Sandon – Retired Post Graduate Radiography Programme Lead and Lecturer in Radiography, Birmingham City University (UK)
  • Meeri Vainola – Student, Tallinn University of Technology TAlTech (Digital Health MSc); Coordinator of educational communication at TalTech Student Union (Estonia)

Coordinator Tiia Bach.