Care-giving is the most noble vocation in the world!

The key role of nursing care in society is the provision of care and assistance to people of all ages when they are not able to take care of their own health. Nursing as a field of activity has existed since the beginning of human society and is constantly developing along with society.

A nursing qualification from our school provides an opportunity to work as a general nurse in all areas of healthcare in a hospital or a community care facility. Nursing training lasts for 3.5 years (210 ECTS) and ends with a diploma paper or an examination on a specialist area.

The curriculum consists of ten basic modules:

  • professional and personal development
  • basic nursing
  • anatomy-physiology
  • community nursing
  • nursing care of the child
  • reproductive health
  • nursing care of the elderly
  • clinical nursing of the adult
  • mental health and psychiatric nursing care
  • nursing care of patients in complicated clinical case

In addition to the basic nursing curriculum, it is possible to have the specialized nursing education.

A curriculum is taught in Estonian.