As long as there is love in the world there will be work for a midwife!

The midwife  instructs, monitors, provides care and gives advice to women during pregnancy and delivery, in the postnatal period and in case of gynaecological problems; has responsibility for managing the delivery; takes care of and monitors newborns and infants; conducts  health education and family planning at  individual, family and societal levels.

A midwifery qualification recognises the competence of the graduate to practice as a midwife as well as a general nurse. The midwife is an independent practitioner, and the profession is regulated by EU directives. The duration of study is 4.5 years.

The curriculum consists of nine basic modules:

  • professional and personal development
  • orientation to the profession
  • public health
  • pharmacology
  • human health
  • maternity care
  • primary care
  • clinical nursing care
  • maternity care II and primary health care