6 Programmes

Tartu Health Care College gives higher education in 6 programmes in Estonian language. The college is also going to open a English language master`s programme in radiography.

The curricula in the THCC are outcome- and module-based, studies take place in a course system, theoretical studies are followed by practical training. The content of the subjects in a module forms an integrated whole; the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired during theoretical studies are consolidated in practical training. Learning outcomes of the modules/subjects are based on the general outcomes of the curriculum, following the horizontal and vertical cohesion of the subjects. 

In the THCC the principle is followed that practical training forms an integral part of the study process, supporting the acquisition of specialist, occupational and professional competences and experience, supporting the consolidation of theoretical knowledge in practical work conditions. Each student is provided with a place for practical training necessary for the achievement of learning outcomes.