Accommodation Possibilities

Tartu Health Care College has renovated the rooms of its hall of residence, which is adjacent to the main building at Nooruse 5.

Each room is provided with bedding and a wireless internet connection. A fully equipped kitchen and bathroom is shared between 3 rooms.

The amount of the rent cost is connected with the period you stay in hostel:

  • 1-6 days - 25 EUR per day, for example 4 days = 100 EUR.
  • 7-21 days - 15 EUR per day, for example 15 days = 225 EUR.
  • 22-. . . days -10 EUR per day, for example 25 days = 250 EUR.

Please note that meals are not served in the hall.

There are many hostels, guest houses and apartments in Tartu, which can be founded here.
You are always welcomed to ask recommendations about accomodation places from our international relations specialist.

NB! Never book accomodation in Tartu before you get confirmation from Tartu Health Care College`s international relations specialist in which town(s) you will have practice place(s) in Estonia.