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Overview about Tartu Health Care College.


The shortmovie "Kolmas" ("The third") is produced as a co-operation project with Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School and Estonian Association of Architects and is focused on the building of Tartu Health Care College as the nominee for architecture award in 2011. Directed by Maria Reinup.

Presentation for ENPHE Thesis Award. Tartu Health Care College`s students were awarded with honorable second place with their thesis "Possibility of using garment with elastic straps and pressure applicator (GESPA) in mechanotherapy to correct preschool children`s genu valgum".


Love story about Estonian higher education


Erasmus has become the best known European Union programme and the most successful student exchange scheme in the world. Since 1999 Estonian institutions have hosted more than 8000 international Erasmus students.