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Tartu Student Days

The tradition of organizing Student Days in Tartu began in the first half of the 1960s. It originates from the tradition of celebrating the international day of students on November 17th. The first Tartu Autumn Festival was held in 1989 from 30th of November to the 2th of December. The festival contained of approximately 10 events and about 7000 students took part of it. The first Tartu Spring Days took place the same year in April and the number of participants was around 10 000.

Nowadays Tartu Student Days is one of the biggest traditions in Tartu, which is known as the city of students - every 5th citizen in Tartu is a student. The Student Days are organized by University Culture Club - a non profitable organization which has about 30 active members who are all currently students or have been students of one of Tartu's colleges. Culture Club's main purpose is organizing Tartu Student Days: a festival week twice a year full of excitement and fun.



Updated: 21.03.2016