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Training Agreement

We are happy to see more and more exchange students spending 2 months or more in our practice bases. According to the feedback we've received, foreign students value highly the quality of the practice period spent here. Usually last practice day 6 hours but different agreements with hospital supervisors are also allowed. To let you know that althought Tartu Health Care College situates in Tartu it doesnt automatically mean that all your practices will be carried out in Tartu in Tartu University Hospital. We have more than 300 practice bases in different towns of Estonia so it means you might have your practices in different towns of Estonia (but as you probably know Estonia is small).

Exchange students learning or training in Tartu Health Care College must also follow the study regulations of THCC.

We do hope it'll be an excellent experience and eye-opener for you too!

Training agreement is available here.

Updated: 21.03.2016