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Workshops for Students (22 November 2017)

22.11.2017 at 8.30-12.30 „Food safety in retail, catering and at home"
Andrej Ocva (MSc), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
During the presentation a short overview on history of food safety in Europe will be given. Further current food safety system and food safety status in Slovenia will be presented. In the second part of the presentation a case study of cold chain maintaining in retail at home and between will be discussed in context of research done in the last decade. Finally as a part of the problem and part of the solution the importance of professional food handlers and consumer education and training will be revealed.

22.11.2017 at 13.00-17.00 "Disinfection processes in microbiology"
Lecturer: Prof. dr. sc Marina Šantić, University of Rijeka, Croatia
The theoretical and practical course in microbial resistance to disinfection will explain the students the disinfection processes in microbiology. The suitability, efficacy, and limitations of disinfecting egants and procedures will be assessed. Students will learn basics and specific physical and chemicals methods for controlling and eradication of microorganisms. With this „hands-on" practical course the effectiveness of varikus chemical disinfecttants will be tested. Students will accomplish methods for controlling microorganisms in environment.

22.11.2017 at 10.00-16.00 "Fertility and posture"

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