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Tartu is a university town and a city of youth! The time-honoured university, museum-rich and Hanseatic city of Tartu lies on the banks of the River Emajõgi. The capital of southern Estonia is the second largest city in the country (but the largest in terms of student population!) and the oldest in the Baltic States. Tartu is a modern city with a rich historical heritage and culture.

It is the cradle of the Estonian Song Festival, Estonian theatre and the Estonian state; Tartu is the intellectual capital of Estonia where national awareness and the culture of Estonia was born.

Estonian National Museum is also situated in Tartu. The 34,000-square-metre museum is the largest in the Baltic States. Its exhibitions chart Estonia's history from the Stone Age to present day. A 350-metre-long glass formation ramps up from the runway of a former soviet airfield near the city to form the impressive building of the museum. Tartu has also the biggest and most modern science centre of its kind in the Baltics – AHHAA Science Center. It popularises science among visitors of all ages. Hands-on exhibits, different workshops, science theatre and fully spherical planetarium encourage studying through the joy of discovery.

See you in Tartu!

How to get to Tartu?

Tartu is situated in Southern Estonia and connects to the world through Tartu Airport and Lennart Meri Airport in Tallinn. The distance between Tallinn, Estonia's capital, and Tartu is 186 kilometers, or about 2.5 hours by express coach or car.

You can also reach Tartu easily from Riga Airport (245  km from Tartu). From Stockholm and Helsinki, there is also a ferry connection to Tallinn. How to get to Tartu?

Getting  from the Tartu Airport to Tartu

Airport Shuttle bus leaves from Tartu Airport to the city in about 15 minutes after the plane has arrived, but also waits for anyone who needs a ride to the city. The shuttle will drop you off at any place in Tartu city and the ticket  can be bought either in cash or with a debit/credit card from the driver. The taxi stop is also located in front of the terminal. The taxi might cost around 10 EUR to the city center.

Getting from Tallinn (Airport) to Tartu 

From Tallinn Airport to Tartu: There are some express buses which also take passengers from the Tallinn Airport (stop "Tallinna lennujaam" in Estonian) on their way to Tartu. If you wish to get on the bus at the airport, it is advisable to buy the ticket in advance from:  www.tpilet.ee.

How to get from Tartu Bus Station to Tartu Health Care College?

From Tartu Bus station you have to walk to Tartu Kaubamaja (Riia 1, Tartu). Open the Google Map and you can see that you have to find Soola street, then turn right into Turu street. Just cross the street and you can see Tartu Kaubamaja.



In front of Tartu Kaubamaja you can take the bus nr 5, which will take you to Tartu Health Care College, to Nooruse station. From the next map you will find the walking directions from Nooruse station to Tartu Health Care College.


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There are plenty of acommodation possibilities. We suggest:  

Prices (including taxes, buffet breakfast, parking, free WiFi, free entrance until midnight to Tartu nightclubs) per night:
- standard room for one person 60 EUR;
- standard room for two persons 75 EUR.
Prices are valid using the keyword "HOH"!

Hotell Dorpat
Soola 6, 51014, Tartu, Eesti

  • Hotel Lydia

Prices (including taxes, buffet breakfast, parking, free WiFi, unlimited entrance to spa lounge and fitnes room) per night:
- classic room for one person 92.25 EUR;
- classic room for two persons 115.50 EUR.
Prices are valid using the keyword "HOH"!

Hotel Lydia
Ülikooli 14, 51003 Tartu, Estonia

Prices (including taxes and breakfast) per night:
- single room 40 EUR;
- double room 57 EUR.
Prices are valid using the keyword "HOH"!

Hotell Tartu
Soola 3, 51013, Tartu, Estonia
Phone: +372 731 4300 / +372 52 00 383

Prices (including taxes, free WiFi and sauna) per night:
- room for 2 with a private bathroom 45 EUR;
- room for 2 with a shared bathroom 38 EUR;
- room for 3 with a private bathroom 60 EUR;
- room for 4 with a private bathroom 75 EUR;
- room for 4 with bunk beds and a private bathroom 65 EUR;
- single room with a shared bathroom 26 EUR;
- single room with a private bathroom 30 EUR;
- room for 6 with bunk beds and a private bathroom 98 EUR;
- dorm for 8 with bunk beds and a shared bathroom 17 EUR per place.
Prices are valid using the keyword "HOH" and booking via e-mail +Ghjd~nkfV|0LC{vD65POc2]#[z!UPX?WQRKl}1/ok$}&Y/Sz !

Breakfast 4 EUR per person.

Hektor Design Hostel
Riia 26, Tartu 50405, Estonia
Phone: +372 7405 100

Most of the rooms are for 3-4 persons, some of them for 1 or 2 persons.

Prices (including taxes) per night:
- single room for one person 21 EUR (without breakfast) / 23.70 EUR (with breakfast);
- one person in a double room 16 EUR (without breakfast) / 18.70 EUR (with breakfast);
- one person in a triple room 15 EUR (without breakfast) / 17.70 EUR (with breakfast);
- one person in a quatro room 15 EUR (without breakfast) / 17.70 EUR (with breakfast).
Prices are valid using the keyword "HOH"!

It is possible to pre-order lunch or dinner (prices between 4.00-4.50 EUR include two course meal with drinks) for groups (min 10 persons).

Tamme Hostel
Tamme pst 1, Tartu
Phone: + 37 2744 8408