Tervishoiu Kõrgkool :: Oral presentation requirements

Oral Presentation Requirements

• A 15 minute spoken presentation, including question and answer time (5 min).
• Presenter shows the research and findings of their accepted abstract in a PowerPoint presentation.
• PowerPoint presentation should be sent to organizers (F^]%gO}GU9ldC2165b.iy]#[$NLhMBc25y&S/|~+&H7O_) at latest 20 November 2017.
• In 10 minutes we prefer from 8-10 slides.
• The presenter is responsible for obtaining all of the conflict-of interest disclosure.
• The presentation will be evaluated by a Jury Committee.

Evaluation criteria for oral presentations (maximum score is 25 points):
• Content (clarity and quality of content) - 1-5 points
• Self-presentation (command of language, voice, energy, body language, engagement with audience) - 1-5 points 
• Visual aids (useful, economical, well-designed, support oral presentation) - 1-5 points
• Use of time - 1-5 points
•  Response to questions - 1-5 points

Scientific Committee – Jury Committee (for oral presentations):

Saima Hinno (PhD)
Marjo Palovaara (PhD student)
Andrej Ocva (PhD)
Dovile Valatkiene (MSc)
Davide Ticchi (PhD student)
Ulvi Kõrgemaa (PhD student)

Coordinator of Nursing and Midwifery, Tartu Health Care College, Estonia
Head of English Degree Programme in Nursing, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lecturer, Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania
Lecturer, Tallinn University, Estonia
Vice rector, Tallinn Health Care College, Estonia

Updated: 05.10.2017