Tervishoiu Kõrgkool :: Wellness

Promotion of wellness tourism in Nordic and Baltic countries (WELLNESS)

Period: 01.06.2015 - 30.09.2016

The aim of the IP is to enhance cooperation between beauty care, physiotherapy and tourism and hotel management fields in order to develop entrepreneurial competences and to provide better opportunities in labour market through encouragement of team work, interdisciplinary approach and international cooperation. The IP links higher education, service providers and service users in a learning triangle within practical innovation projects. In the IP the user-driven service planning process is studied both in theory and in practice. The objective of the IP is to promote students' skills in problem solving and service development in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

The project is coordinated by Kaunas Universoty of Applied Sceinces. Partners are Tartu Health Care College and Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

For more information please contact with the project manager:

Ms Vytaute Giedraitiene
Phone: +370 37 324 156
E-mail: _k#TeFsA&GpQYh4gS!r{@^6DZVHjm.Lu]#[Vez2[7YJk-V2LJx\9eaaWF$MF4=V]75j

Contact persons in Tartu Health Care College are:
Mr Danel Jantra
E-mail: &cI?+@%n*`Z={r}ip-MCaL]#[hE4{s%c]yS8Ujbm\f{/LG.

Ms Margit Lenk-Adusoo
E-mail: &cI?+@%n*`Z={r}ip-MCaLy2k3]]#[qE8}p1nTsL8yqfmY-v9/TBmrtsC

Ms Aleksandra Josiptšuk
E-mail: &cI?+@%n*`Z={r}ip-MCaLy2k3]WuG]#[eP#%zxpSwBE*o\n^d}5ZP8i!a%C`[&

Ms Ivi Vaher
E-mail: &cI?+@%n*`Z={r}ip-M]#[mZ/2h!gaEOJ*nhqOym/

Project number: NPHE-2015/10160

Funded by Nordplus Higher Education programme.


Updated: 16.08.2017