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Resilience, positive capacity building, transition and equality related to human rights in nursing of families

INTENSIVE COURSE for students of Nordman Network partner institutions

If you are a Bachelor level 3rd or 4th year nursing, public health nursing or midwifery student, and area a responsible and successful one in your studies, and believe you manage well to communicate in English and truly want to try the latter out in an international group, we sincerely hope you'd like to attend this course!

The course takes place 19th to 23rd of May, 2014, in Tartu Health Care College, Estonia.Travel day to Tartu is 18th May, earliest departure is on 23rd May at 14.00 from Tartu.The application deadline will be announced by each partner institution.

The aim of this project is to implement a joint one week intensive course with the theme "Resilience, positive capacity building, transition and equality related to human rights in nursing of families", which is to be given for 36 participants in spring 2014.

The framework for the course is blended learning which refers to a mixing of different learning environments. It is a learning method that combines e-learning and social media with other forms of flexible learning and more traditional forms of learning such as contact classes. Team teaching and social networking platform will be used during the course in order to share intercultural knowledge about the topic and teaching methods. All students are divided into mixed working groups during the intensive course. Every group also keeps an blog which can be found here.


The workload is distributed in 5 scheduled intensive days (1.5 ECTS) plus pre- and post-course work (1.5 ECTS), so in total 3 ECTS

The contents are:
• The concepts of evidence-based family nursing and community nursing;
• The concepts of resilience and positive capacity and in the context of family nursing;
• Ethical principles of family and community nursing;
• Equality in health promotion;
• Development of sexuality in couples and family relationship in their life cycle;
• The significance of social and cultural factors and diversity for family and community sexual health promotion;
• The interventions used by nurses, public health nurses and midwives which strengthen the resilience of couples, families and communities, and build positive capacity of couples and families to promote their sexual health.

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

- Know the perspective of family as a client in the community;
- Understand the concept of resilience and sexual health promotion in the context of family nursing;
- Be aware of and understand evidence-based family and community nursing;
- Be aware of how to build positive capacity for couples, families and communities in the context of nursing;
- Understand the significance of cross-cultural competence in nursing;
- Apply and develop nursing interventions which strengthen and support the resilience of couples and families in different life situations;
- Be ready to follow the ethical principles in family and community nursing settings;
- Take into account the effects and opportunities of internationalization and team work in your own field and be able to create international networks and partnerships throughout the course.

Further information

The course is supported by Nordplus Higher Education Program and also travel costs are included for 18 students from Nordman partner schools. Students approved by each partner school can therefore apply for Nordplus Express mobility grant of 330 EUR/student. Please use the Nordplus application form. Please use low cost travelling options when coming to Tartu. Accommodation will be booked by the organisers (twin rooms at a reduced rate). 

Lunches are provided free of charge for the participants , also the dinners and social programme that are arranged as shown in a separate timetable

You definitely need to get travel and health insurance for your stay in Estonia. Every student group should bring along a digital camera and a laptop for group work. 

Participants: 10 students from Tartu Health Care College (Estonia), 6 students from JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), 6 students from Mälardalen University (Sweden), 3 students from Sophiahemmet University (Sweden), 3 students from Åland University of Applied Sciences (Åland), 3 students from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, 3 students from VIA University College (Denmark).


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Coaches from and to Lithuania:


If you would like to receive further information, don't hesitate to ask:

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We are looking forward to meeting you all in Tartu in May 2014!







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