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Scientific Commitee

Marit Silén PhD, RN, Senior Lecturer, University of Gävle, Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies, Gävle, Sweden. Also affiliated to Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Education: RN and bachelor's degree in nursing in 2005; master's degree (60 credits) in 2006; doctoral degree in nursing in 2011. Doctoral dissertation: "Encountering ethical problems and moral distress as a nurse – Experiences, contributing factors and handling." Areas of teaching: nursing ethics, scientific methods. Research interests: nursing ethics, nursing education.

Thorbjorg Jónsdóttir PhD, RN, Assistant Professor in School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Nursing at the University of Akureyri, Iceland. Her main expertize is in the field of pain management and she has a clinical experience in working with patients with, surgical, cancer as well as chronic non-malignant pain. Thorbjörg has a PhD degree in Nursing from University of Iceland and her main research work in is in the field of pain with the primary focus on chronic pain. Thorbjörg is a member of MEDICO, a Nordplus network focusing on the development of medication education in undergraduate nursing programs in Nordic countries and Estonia to increase medication competence and patient medication safety.

Johanne Alteren (PhD) PhD, CNSc, RN, Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Health Science, Nord University Mo i Rana, Norway. Johanne has a PhD in studies of professional practice from Centre of Practical Knowledge UiN. She leads a research group working on the practitioner's development of knowledge. She is Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Nordic Journal of Health Science. Johanne is a member of MEDICO, a Nordplus network, mainly working to ensure education regarding medications in nursing education. Johanne has an interest to qualitative approaches, in particular narratives and hermeneutics. She supervises doctoral students. Her publications address issues and challenges regarding medication administration and management, and the nurse students and nurses learning situation and development of knowledge.

Reet Urban (MSc), Tartu Health Care College

Updated: 05.06.2017